Gewerbemuseum (english)



29 January to 30 July 2017

Bike l Design l City

Nowadays riding a bike is seen as the very essence of urban lifestyle and youth. Against a backdrop of growing awareness of health, sustainability and environmental protection, together with the growing traffic and transport problems in cities, the bicycle is turning into the latest symbol of speed and flexibility. Advances in electric bikes are also accelerating this process, and design and aesthetics are becoming an increasingly varied and important part of the culture surrounding bikes and their accessories.

Every modern city dedicated to innovation and progress is now busy collaborating with architects, designers and town planners to consider the needs of cyclists and develop transport concepts for the twenty-first century.

BIKE I DESIGN I CITY takes a look at the wide variety of bike scenes in evidence today, as well as exploring cycling's rich development potential for urban transport and examining some possible future scenarios. Outstanding design products, from cult racing cycles to cutting-edge city bikes, and from the very latest folding bicycles and electric bikes through to high-performance cargo bikes for couriers and families, are presented in the exhibition. The show also includes photographs from the “we are traffic” series by Björn Lexius and Till Gläser, as well as drawings by René Zäch, Gianluca Gimini’s bizarre bicyles from the “Velocipedia” series and a preview of the new comic book “Tour de Suisse” by Marc Locatelli and Martin Born with illustrations by more than thirty of Switzerland’s finest cartoonists.

This exhibition, which has been mounted by the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, is accompanied by activities, workshops, a weekend event during Velofrühling (the Winterthur bike festival) and a conference led by Pro Velo and Partners.