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3 June to 7 October 2012

Oh, Plastiksack!

Plastic bags are found everywhere in the world; their useful life is fleeting yet they are almost indestructible. These feather-light, gently rustling objects have a versatile beauty. In addition to their use for packaging and carrying things, they have been adapted for a wide variety of other purposes. They reflect consumer behavior, advertise status, reinforce identity, damage the environment and narrate our cultural history. At the same time, they are a symbol of our global society.

The exhibition in the Forum is dedicated to the plastic bag as an everyday item and as a focus for art and design. This much-discussed plastic product is explored in the context of society and the environment and as a theme of contemporary artistic work in the fields of painting, photography, installation, performance, urban art and design.

The Gewerbemuseum's in-house exhibition is curated by Susanna Kumschick and Ida-Marie Corell, author of "Alltagsobjekt Plastiktüte", which was published in 2011.

Included in the exhibition are works by:

Poklong Anading, Marie-Claire Baldenweg, Andreas Blank, Biaugust, Claudia Borgna, Iris van Bebber & Uwe Bülles, Ida-Marie Corell, Brigitte Corell, Lauren DiCioccio, Camila Labra Fontana, Ryan Frank, Hanna Liden, Torsten Mühlbach, Ian Kiaer, Krištof Kintera, MyeongBeon Kim, Lukas Julius Keijser, Luzinterruptus, Simon Monk, Sheila Odessey, Poka-Yio, Anne-Cécile Rappa, Dodi Reifenberg, Gregor Schneider, Lisa Tiemann, Roald Sivertsen, Ruben Verdu, Luzia Vogt, Johanna von Gagern, Nils Völker, Iskender Yediler.

Video documentation - Claudia Borgna: Nor a Weed or a Parasite, Non native, invasive, noxious, unwanted and indispensable. 2012

Videodokumentation - Nils Völker: Eighty eight. Gewerbemuseum Winterthur 2012

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