Gewerbemuseum (english)



27 August to 5 November 2017


The German photographer Hans Hansen has made a name for himself on the international stage with his distinctive object photographs. Not so many people realize that he is also a keen collector of glass objects, which he has been recording in photographs for fifty years. Hans Hansen started off his hand-picked glass collection in his youth, with the purchase of a jar by the Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala. He has been gripped by the fascination of this iridescent material ever since, and throughout his life these objects have been a favourite motif in his freelance photography. His pictures, which are far removed from the conventions of pure object photography, offer an unexpected way of looking at artistically created objects. He expands his gaze to the kindred element of water, and its close relation ice, thus opening up a wide spectrum of associations: ice-water-glass. Transparency, structure and the refraction of light: with an accurate eye, Hans Hansen captures the unsteady medium, as cold as ice, as clear as glass, and transforms it, until water becomes glass or glass water.

For the first time, this exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of Hans Hansen’s large-format photographs in conjunction with his collection of glass objects. EISWASSERGLAS also offers an in-depth look at the work of the prize-winning Danish glass artist Tora Urup, whose exquisitely crafted glass objects complement the Show.